Saturday, September 27, 2008

Blog Botox!

My blog got a little facelift, as you can see. I found a cute site that offers backgrounds and headers for your blog, in a variety of styles, and its free! I feel my blog is a little more personal at least, since it is not one of bloggers standard backgrounds. It was a litte confusing at first, if you have questions let me know, I might be able to help.

I saw the doctor on Friday. The baby hasnt changed or made any more progress since my last visit, which is kinda good because my docotor said if I kept progressing the way I was I would be at 4cm, and I dont need to walk around like that for 2 more weeks! She reminded me that the baby will come when it's ready, and on it's own time. I now feel like I am going to be pregnant forever, but I just need to keep reminding myself I am blessed with a heathy baby in utero that will be here before I know it.

I have been working on some felt food, but I am trying to make some sets so they take a little bit more time. I am also trying to get a birthday present done for this weekend. My plan is to give all handmade gifts for Christmas and upcoming birthdays. I think it will be more meaningful and sweet, but I have 5 children I would like to make presents for Christmas, and all of them have a birthday around the same time! I need to get creative and start sewing!


Brother See, Sisters Do said...

I love the facelift!

You have a great attitude. You are right, let that little one stay inside until he/she is ready to arrive!

I love the idea of homemade presents. They do mean so much more and are so special then!

Brother See, Sisters Do said...

You are my blog mentor, I hope you don't mind taking on the roll?!? I copied you and 'customized' my blog for the season!

Beth said...

Hey- I realized you did the blog lift after I visited your blog today- looks great though! I have an idea for a set to give to you to help fill your stockings too, so dont worry!

susan said...

oh i love it!!
would it work for typepad?
i have always wanted to fancify my blog, but could never figure out how to. typepad is goofy
maybe i should try again
i love that you are blogging
and i think a lot more people are thinking your way. life is too expensive right now, and i think it would be great to start a new trend!!!

Amanda said...

I know what you mean about wanting to make things instead of just buying them...its deffinatly more personal. Im pretty sure we've talked about this before! hehe
I can't wait for the baby! Although Im sure I can wait longer than you can...We should do another craft day soon if your up for it...I start work in a week..then Ill be booked :(

Catherine said...

Great new look for your blog! I'm tempted to "copy" you and get a new look for mine!

I think it's a great idea to give homemade presents this year. I know that I love to receive handmade gifts.

Your Etsy shop is coming along nicely.

susan said...

i know i already commented but i love the name of this post!

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