Thursday, October 16, 2008

6 days old

Today's doctor's visit went well. Adriano is 4 ounces above birth weight, which is great since most babies aren't above their birth weight until around 2 weeks of age. He does have an umbilical hernia, his belly button protudes a little bit, but not much. The doctor applied silver nitrate to the inside of his belly button because it hadn't fully dried up. The doctor didn't say he would need surgery or anything, just that if it hasn't dried out by next weeks visit more silver nitrate would be applied. I plan on asking more questions next week about how to deal with it or what to expect down the road. Adriano has his first 4 hour stretch of sleep last night, but of course Cristian woke up during that time, so I didn't get to take advantage of any extra sleep. Ah, I guess that is the life with two!


Brother See, Sisters Do said...

I haven't gotten online lately so I am late in saying congratulations!!! He is a beautiful little boy and look at all the hair he has:) How does his big brother like him?!?

susan said...

oh i can tell you bssd that he loves his wee brother!! at the hospital he kept kissing him and saying beso cute!!
boy your blog looks better than mine and you are managing to post with a wee baby in the house...not making me look good!! i just finally posted tonight....

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