Saturday, October 18, 2008

First bath at home

We gave Chiquitin his first bath at home last night. Papa was in charge of the camera, since he is still afraid of breaking the baby (even though this is our second...) He actually really enjoyed it, and didn't cry until we got him out of the water.

Kiki also had his first time playing with play dough today. I gave up on the 'its going to make a mess and get ground into the carpet' and just let him have at it. He had a ton of fun, and we made different shapes together and he can identify circle now. He also starting saying yellow more frequently, thanks to watching baby's diaper changes. He will climb up to watch and say poo-poo yellow. How sweet.


susan said...

haha!! poopoo yellow! that boy needs a step stool! that is so cute that carlos thinks he will break the baby. great shot.....strategically placed foot!

Jane said...

exactly what i was going to say...strategically placed foot

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