Thursday, October 23, 2008


I received this lovely sling in the mail earlier this week. I ordered it from LoveSeptember after seeing her shop featured on 30days. If anybody is looking for high quality slings, tutu's or other children's items check out her shop!

My lovely friend Sarah made this beautiful blanket for Adriano. It will be perfect for cuddling this winter, or for some tummy time. It is so soft and cute, and I couldn't wait to lay him down on it! I did lay him on his tummy and he surprised me at how well he does at lifting his head up.

I added a few things to my shop. I made up two cookie sets, with a jam cookie, chocolate chip, sugar and a peanut butter cookie. I embroidered the little fork tine lines onto the peanut butter cookie to make them more realistic. I have a lot of ideas of things to make and hope to have added to my shop in time before Christmas, I just need to learn to be more efficient with the less time I have to sew now!


Anonymous said...

Woman!! You made this stuff AFTER having a baby? When?! You are awesome!

Beth said...

Well, I had the cookies almost finished before the baby. And I can't sleep when this baby does, so instead I sew! It helps keep my mind from just thinking about breastfeeding and diaper changes!

Brother See, Sisters Do said...

The cookies are too cute! I am keeping an eye on them:)

susan said...

ack!! how did he get so "babylike" looking!!?? has it been that long since i have seen him?? i just might have to come up tomorrow!!
your cookies are so adorable, which reminds me i picked up some flannel for more nursing pads for you from work...they are the three little pigs and the wolf, hahaha. or i suppose you could use them for burp cloths.

Les said...

thank you! and you know, i think crowns and tutus should be worn by all!! we are all queens, you know :-) thanks for stopping by.

candy said...

i love your cookie sets!!


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