Thursday, November 13, 2008

Yummy Cheese

I love cheese. We are lucky enough to have a friend whose wife is a cheese maker. She was taught by her mother, and makes the most delicious Mexican cheese, much better than something purchased in the store. She gives us a batch of Queso Fresco, a Mexican crumbling cheese that is slightly salty and just yummy, every week or so. This week she was also making buffalo cheddar, which Papi declined. I would have tried it though! I wonder where she got the buffalo milk?... anyways if you are local and would like a chunk of fresh cheese next time I get a batch, let me know. It is delicious on tacos, tostadas or enchiladas.


racrobin said...

I want some!!! How nummy!!

Amanda said...

Ohhhh Yummy!!!!
Havent been on here in awhile..Ill be back after christmas and all this madness is done lol

Beth said...

I will have to get some when you come visit and make you some enchiladas with it. It is some truly yummy cheese.

If Amanda is checking my blog, does that mean I can post pictures of the gifts I am making her, hehe?

Amanda said...

Hehehe of course!! lol but probably not as much as I want to know it would kinda stink to find out lol.
I really wanna post things Im making but I dont really have the time (I can believe I actually have the time to make the things!!) and I want it to be a suprise :)
I think I will post the guitar bag though, hopefully Ill be done with it this weekend.

muralimanohar said...

I don't make cheese..yet. But I am DYING to try out making my own haloumi and mozzarella!! And now this one looks interesting, too. Hmm, need to look it up! :p

susan said...

um, hello!!! cheese loving person here!! why havent i tried this yet??? it sounds so delish
how awesome she makes cheese. i would have tried the buffalo cheddar

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