Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas Spirit

With only 14 days until Christmas, I am starting to get really excited. I wrapped up a bunch more presents, and made some handmade gift tags, inspired by this blog.

We also got around a foot of snow earlier this week, and I took this picture of our backyard.

My sister flies in this weekend and we will be starting a new tradition. My Aunt, cousin, and sister in law all picked out a cookie recipe we wanted to try out, so will spend the day baking, chatting and having my sister open her gifts. It has been almost 2 years since she was able to come visit and excited doesn't really sum it up! It will be the first time she will meet my nephew, as well as Baby Chiquitin. I will post after the weekend some lovely pictures of all the cookies we made!

I have been thinknig about having a much simpler Christmas, one that is not focused on the gifts, and full stocking, but instead on traditions, and time spent with the family. To just do the fun stuff, and not be so worn out from trying to do everything, and get it all done perfectly. So far I have made 15 handmade gifts for my family and friends, and I have only 8 more to make. I am hoping that the time crunch will help me be focused, and I still have a few really fun projects to make. I can post pictures midweek after my Secret Santa gift exchange.


Natasha said...

We're definitely having a quieter Christmas this year. I have a list of Christmas cookies that I have to bake each year - it was passed to me from my mother-in-law the first Christmas after I married my husband (even though we had already been together for almost 5 years!) This is the first year I will be attempting to do them with my daughter Amelie.

Brother See, Sisters Do said...

That sounds like a lot of fun! Have a fun cookie making day and visit w/your sister:)

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