Thursday, December 11, 2008

2 month visit

We went to the doctor's today for Chiquitin's well visit. Chiquitin is what I have been calling our little one, it means 'little one' in Spanish, and that is just what he is, this little rolly polly bundle of happy baby-ness.

He had to get immunizations today, which he did not do well with. He was giving an oral immunization first, which was suppose to be the easiest. He started barfing all over the table after the nurse gave him about half of the dose. I simply said that's enough, he doesn't need it then. I don't think she wanted to argue me on that. Maybe it was the cold stare I gave her wondering if she was going to question my parenting...

The other immunizations were shots given in his chubby thighs, but he bled through both band aids and onto his little onesie. I just breastfed him right away, and he was calm, and fell asleep with me cuddling him on my chest.

2 month stats: weight 15 lbs -higher than 95th percentile

length: 24 3/4 inches -95th percentile

head size -16 inches 50-75th percentile

Chiquitin also gave me two great big smiles last night while we were playing before putting him down for the night. I was just talking to him, and he smiled,and waved his hands around a bit, as if he was excited. I stated to smile and laugh because it was so cute, and he gave me another big grin. So cute. This was the first time he has actually smiled while playing or being awake.


Christina said...

At least he got half and you didn't get too bad of a look, i'm sure. Imagine what we get...we're choosing to not immunize right now. He is a big boy! At least you don't have to hear that they think he's too small. Count your blessings. :) Nice and healthy!

Brother See, Sisters Do said...

Wow, he is growing so fast and just to cute! Poor little guy, who knew the oral medicine is worse than the shot:(

bilingualbaby said...

I've enjoyed reading your blog. I'm glad you commented on mine... Looks like our babies are about a month or so apart. Cute little chiquitin! I call mine papito. ;)

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