Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A few sweet things...

Getting out with the gals. I sucked it up and made it happen to go to my sons playgroup today. And it was oh so worth it. Found out my lovely friend is 10 weeks pregnant, and I am so very excited for her. I will be praying for the heath of this baby.

A snow advisory is out, and my backyard is covered with a beautiful blanket of snow, and I have no need to get out of the house. I would post a picture, but I left my camera at my lovely Aunts house on what was suppose to be a crafting day together. Instead we shopped for fabric and had dinner together. (still wonderful)

Being half way through the day and not yelling some form of "Stop hitting the baby!". Also he has been playing quietly for 1 hour in his room (instead of napping *sigh*) and letting me get some down time.

The amazing generosity of people. Sew Mama Sew is doing a giveaway today, and tons of bloggers are participating. It is great to see others who are following the' Tis better to give than receive' mantra. check out the fabulous list and read their blogs, and check out their Etsy if they have one. A great way to find some great Christmas present for those hard to buy for people on your list.

Having 6 present underneath my Christmas tree wrapped. Having only 9 more items to sew on my list of 23 handmade gifts for friends and family.

Let me know what brightens your day!

*Edited to add, litterally seconds after posting, Cristian ran out of his room and started squeezing the baby's face. Ah, well. today started nicely*


Unknown said...

Good books and good friends make my day... so does my dress fitting!

Tacha said...

I have to tell Amelie about 500 times a day just to let Hanna be. Stop picking her up, stop taking things away from her. It is so exhausting!

Would love to do a swap - is it OK that it is in German?

Unknown said...

it's difficult having a toddler with an infant, isn't it? and why the eye-poking? i don't understand the obsession. thanks for stopping by Hestermania! and for the Etsy encouragement. i just need to build up my courage...and my items to sell!

enithhernandez said...

too cute! lol it's been tough for me lately too... with an infant and a preschooler who wants all the attention of the world, it's hard to be a work at home mother! gotta luv em' lol :-)

Brother See, Sisters Do said...

Glad you got some time out of the house...hard to do, worth it in the end though!

I love everything you have made! I found some felt food a crafter was selling...not nearly the same quality as yours!

susan said...

lol, he slays me!!
the eye poking is my fave i think.
it was a fun day, i am so glad you and amanda were able to come down. i love my boys!!

Lory said...

sewing! It's relaxing to me. And being with my precious gummi..


PJS said...

Hey Beth, It's PJS from 'And sew it is' Just wondering if you can leave me an email with your address.... you won my needle roll giveaway and I want to post it out to you ASAP.



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