Sunday, January 4, 2009


I am addicted.

I have been buying and hoarding fabric, thinking of making some of these:

I plan to make like, a million more. This pair turned out to be too skinny for Chiquitin's fat feet, so I will alter my pattern to make them wider. Here are a few sites and tutes for anybody interested in making a pair.

Bitty Booties by Heather Bailey,

Cloth Shoes on the Michael Miller site, (this is the stardust shoes pattern)

Free Applique patterns,

Assortment of soft shoes patterns and tutes,

Leather baby shoe tips, and some more ideas here.

And of course head over to the flickr group for some great inspiration.


Natasha said...

They are gorgeous! It is a shame they don't fit. Thanks for all the links. Hanna has small feet and I need some shoes like those for all the wooden floors at our playdates.

enithhernandez said...

I love making baby shoes!!! :) but I am ready to move onto doing some other big children's items. Love the airplane pattern! ;)

Anonymous said...

Those shoes are so cute! Sorry they don't fit!

susan said...

ha! you are sick with it!! all you ever talk/think about is baby shoes..even when you leave comments on my pix, lol
thats a lot of nice linkies

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