Wednesday, January 28, 2009

WIP Wednesday

What am I working on? Getting swap packages together. Our work car broke down so I am at home all week. Not really as bad as it sounds. I signed up for two extra swaps to keep me busy!

I signed up for "A good swap never hurt anybody" hosted by Bird and Little Bird. It is a swap to help save handmade, you can check it out here.

Out of the 6 swaps I am signed up for, all but 1 are completed, just awaiting to be mailed. I also am going to make another Memory game for my Sister to send to her godson.

So WIP Wednesday with no pictures. Sorry. I don't want to ruin the surprise for any of my swap recipients!

I will have lots of pictures of what I have made next week!


Anonymous said...

Oh the suspense! I totally understand not wanting to spoil the swap surprise!

Adrienne said...

Hi Beth, your Handmade Swap item is just about finished, please let me know when I should put it in the mail so that we can coordinate mailing. Thanks!

Jessica said...

My swap items are all waiting in a bag...waiting for my children to not be sick and allow me five minutes to put them in a box and mail...the only reason I'm online is b/c I am nursing sick child #3 and SpongeBob, which I hate, is occupying the other sick ones.

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