Sunday, January 25, 2009

100 Things

I stole this from my Sister In Law, who did it on her blog. I would love for anybody else to play along, let me know if you do as I would like to find out more about you! (maybe you could do 50 things? 25 things?)

1. I was named after a Kiss song. Or so my Father says.
2. I wish my MIL didn't live 1,723 miles away so I could have a chance at being closer with her.
3. I am shy and get very nervous in new situations or around new people.
4. I am loud. Seriously. I always talk loud. Don't know why. I guess I just get excited? My Aunt Judy always thought I was going to be a cheerleader. With no loudspeaker.
5. I has my first son when I was 19. Wouldn't change a thing about it.
6. I had a completely natural, drug free childbirth with my second son. He was born sunny side up. And it hurt. But it was worth all the pain.
7. If we decide to have another child I will home birth. It will save me a 12k hospital bill.
8. I am raising my children to be bilingual, English/Spanish. We have a bilingual home.
9. I don't have a single friend that I have known for more than 3 years. (Amanda you don't count, even though you are probably my best friend,your family, and your stuck with me)
10. I have only been to a bar for fun one time. And it was for dancing.
11. Except when I was a child and my gran would drag me to bars with her while her bf drank and I had kitty cocktails. yum.
12. I love taking showers so hot that my skin is red when I come out.
13. I love freshly vacuumed carpet lines.
14. I didn't drink alcohol on my 21st birthday. I was pregnant and still had fun.
15. I miss my sister. I wish she didn't live 918 miles away.
16. I wish she lived close so we could stay up late and watch movies and just talk. And be sisters.
17. And she could make oso cookies with my children.
18. I was a horrible brat to my sister as a child. And I was jealous of her opportunities in life.
19. Because of those opportunities she inspires me and is able to be there for me.
20. I just miss her. That is worth two entries. I love you Rachel.
21. I was vegan for 5 years.
22. I went vegetarian again 2 years ago. I have been veg for around 11 years.
23. I started eating seafood 8 months or so ago.
24. I was raised Methodist.
25. I now go to a Catholic Church.
26. It drives my Mother crazy that I am Catholic.
27. But she doesn't tell me this. Instead she just scowls.
28. I believe you should marry somebody because you love them so much it hurts.
29. I believe marriage is a holy sanctity that should not be entered into lightly.
30. My Mother and Father married after I was born, and divorced when I was only 5.
31. I am not married, but have been in a committed relationship for 5 years.
32. We plan to marry in the beginning of June this year.
33. Nothing will be different. We will have an official paper, and a special date to remember.
34. I believe we have a stronger relationship because we did not have marriage to fall back on in the tough times. Just each other. And our love. And our determination to make out lives work together.
35. I lived in a homeless shelter when I was a child. I think I was 4 or so.
36. And I remember being there. The blankets were itchy.
37. I have never lived in a house more than two years.
38. I have lived in at least 18 houses, to my recognition.
39. I dream of having a home to raise my children in.
40. I started sewing in Elementary school making clothes for my Barbie with a bag of Church scraps from my grandma. My Barbie's mostly wore tube tops. :)
41. I became interested in sewing again in late middle school when I started making patchwork.
42. I didn't start sewing again until this past summer when being big and pregnant and the desire to craft took over me.
43. I try to be a positive person. And to have a positive influence on others.
44. I hate being around negative people. They bring you down with them.
45. My mother is a negative, pessimistic person. Who is selfish and inconsiderate of others feelings.
46. I didn't write that to be mean, it is just true and I have come to terms with that.
47. I haven't spoken with my Mother in almost 4 months.
48. My biggest fear is that I will become a Mother like her.
49. I was abused as a child by both of my parents.
50. I can't understand how a Mother can become so angry to hurt a precious, defenseless, innocent child that you created within your own body.
51. I want to learn to quilt.
52. I am not sure if I have enough patience though. Maybe I will just make mini/lap quilts.
53. I have a hard time only doing one thing. I can't just watch TV or just watch a movie. I have to fold the laundry, hand stitch or embroidery.
54. A cluttered house drives me crazy. I don't own any knick knack type of things.
55. I am horrible with directions. I navigate by figuring out where Lake Michigan is to find by bearings.
56. I believe a change is coming with Obama. He is going to make a difference in our world.
57. A am not so good at keeping in touch with friends.
58. I have only lived in two cities my entire life.
59. I get addicted to crafty things. New obsessions : baby shoes, pincushions, and crafty swaps.
60. When I told my mother I was pregnant the first thing she told me (17 hours later) was "Have you considered an abortion"
61. I am pro choice.
62. I craved pickled jalapenos when I was pregnant with my first son. I ate an entire can on everything I ate.
63. I still have to have a can on hand in the cupboard for random cravings.
64. I love spicy food.
65. There isn't a single vegetable that I don't like. So far.
66. I don't like pumpkin pie.
67. I eat chocolate every day. Just not white chocolate. That isn't even chocolate.
68. When I was a teen I died pieces of my hair every color of the rainbow. Except purple. Not all at once though.
69. I listen to country music.
70. I have never had hair shorter than my shoulders.
71. I straighten up my house every night before going to bed. No toys laying out, pillow cushions nicely arranged on the couch. Just because I want my bf to come home to a nice house after working all day.
72. I would love to garden and grow lots of veggies.
73. I rarely watch TV. I record 4 TV shows, and forget to watch them until somebody brings them up in conversation.
74. Background noise drives me crazy. I love have a peaceful, dead silent house.
75. My Aunt Susan is so crafty. She has taught me so many crafty things I am greedy and just want to keep her to myself.
76. Random craft projects I have tried- beading. cross stitching. scrapbooking.
77. I make my bed first thing every morning. And lay pillows on top that are solely for decoration.
78. I do the dishes after every meal.
79. I actually do not mind housework. That is, except for cleaning the tub.

80. I love the rhythm of handstitching and the hum of my sewing machine.
81. Actually my Mother's machine that I weaseled out of her when I was 7 months pregnant.
82. That may make me sound mean and rude, but she doesn't to use it! And so far it is the best thing i have gotten from her.
83. My grandma spoiled me with sleepovers at her house when I was younger. Bubble baths, ice cream in front of the fireplace, change to go to the corner store for candy.
84. She didn't do that for any of her other grandchildren. I don't know why she spoiled my Mother, and then my siblings in turn.
85. It is sad that she has Alzheimer's now and it is hard to even talk to her. I am sad that she is slipping away. I am sad that her children have to watch this happen to their Mother.86. I made a lot of mistakes growing up. They helped me to grow, and helped me to get a better understanding of myself and who I am. I wish I could have learned those lessons without the experiences though.
87. I hate swimming. I am not good at it. Which is why I dislike it. If I was thrown out into the lake I am pretty sure I would drown.
88. I think tanning is gross. and that tan skin looks gross and unhealthy. A sun kissed look is OK, but brown skin, or orange from a tanning bed is just awful looking to me.
89. I went to a 'gifted and talented' school for Elementary school. I remember taking the entrance test when I was only in kindergarten. I loved all the art projects that I did at that school.
90. I am a terrible cook. I made dinner last night that was inedible.
91. Despite this I am in school for Culinary Arts. and my food is still awful.
92. I can make some good muffins, bread or anything that involves baking, just not cooking.
93. I like watching scary movies, but only if there is somebody to grab onto during the scary bits!
94. I would love to open up a chocolate shop. That would be my dream job. And I would serve yummy hot chocolate. Hopefully it would be just like that Johnny Depp movie "chocolat'
95. I wish my brother would get his head out of his butt and grow up and be a real dad. One that would like to see their son for more than two hours every week. Because my nephew is awesome. And so cute. And he is so smart.
96. I disagree with many parenting issues with my bf. Last night during (my awful) dinner we were arguing about vaccinations. and private schools. And having the children live in Mexico with their grandmother. But we work through it (eventually), but it is great to not just conforms to someone else's ideas, and it is great that we see things so differently on so many subjects.
97. I love little children in overalls. Cristian is wearing a pair today, and it makes me grin every time I look at him running around the house.
98. I love that my children look just like their Papa. At least to me they do.
99. I LOVE to read. I don't remember the last book that I read that wasn't about parenting, crafting/sewing or required for school. I need to find time for a book. I just need an extra hour in the day, that all!
100. I can't believe you read the entire list. Anything surprise you?


Amanda said...

I know this for a fact, you will not be anything like your mother. You are an upbeat positive woman who can do anything.
OIm stuck with you??? More like your stuck with me!!
I still love your cooking, even if you think its bad.

jillytacy said...

I enjoyed reading this and yes I read it all! It's a great way to get to know you better. By the way I agree with Amanda you will be a great mother because you want to be. And because you are consciously thinking about the way to be the best mom you can be.

Natasha said...

Wow - quite a and definitely a good way to get to know you better.

I am sure you will be a great Mum as you are consciously trying to be. I think it makes a huge difference.

We are also rasing our children English / Spanish / German. It makes for some interesting conversations in the house!

CraftGirlAlli said...

It was nice to learn about you! I don't know you very well, but I can tell from what you say, that you will be a wonderful mom!

I hope to complete my "100 list" by tomorrow!

Adrienne said...

What a wonderful list. I feel very lucky to be your swap partner and I am happy to know more about you. After reading your list it seems that we both have much in common :) Maybe I'll work on my 100, and if I'm really brave I might even post it........

Tammy said...

This was fun to read! :) Your mother sounds much like mine...

Brother See, Sisters Do said...

That was such an honest, heartfelt list. Thanks for sharing, I did learn a lot about you. You are a very kind, considerate person and are a great mother!

Nicki Parker said...

I just did 25 random things over on my blog.....That was harder than I thought it would be!

Josie said...

If you can embroider and hand stitch you can SO quilt! It is so stinkin easy! I bet once you try it you will be adicted and looking all over for something new to quilt! haha

TeresaW said...

I just read your list, and I'm so glad that I did, it stopped my in my tracks.

It is difficult being you, as your values are so different from how your life started out being learned. My life is easy compared to yours, you are very brave and I hope your daemons don't torment you and stop you from being positive.

Well done you, keep it up.

susan said...

well, yes some things surprised me. ididnt know you couldnt cook?? you have made us meals before, and there were always quite edible :oP. i thought you were a great cook. i would not worry about becoming your mom, you are a GREAT mommie! i am amazed everytime i see you how great you are with your boys. i am very proud of the person you have become and am blessed to be your aunt
smooches sweetie
aww your gonna make me cry......

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