Monday, February 23, 2009

Playing catch up..

Oh, the weeks have been short and the weekends long. That would seem all well, but I find myself scrambling around all week long trying to get things done that have been put off, and then the weekend spent running around doing errands with never enough time. (since that when I can do it kids free) That, and a bit of fabric shopping to get me through another week :)

We have gone diaper free this weekend, Cristian is only wearing underwear now. Which resulted in me trying to get 4 loads of laundry done today. (hence the catching up...) Cristian seems to show no signs of willingness, but I am determined to not give up. We have been putting him on the potty for almost 3 months now, and never once has he actually gone. Today was the first time he said 'potty' and actually sat down! So I let him put a big sticker on his reward chart on the fridge. I am doing all I can think of to try to encourage him. Signing a potty song while he is on the potty, asking him constantly, giving him a jelly belly just for sitting on it, and well getting grossed out by having to clean poop up all over the floor.

Please somebody tell me this gets better. Even thought I know it won't for a while...

I finally started cutting fabric to make my diaper bag. Yeah, you know the one I planned for last weeks WIP.. .I am using this tute, looks super cute.

I have a bunch of crayon booklets listed in my shop. I will be having a sale this weekend, 2 crayon booklets for $20, so save $5. If you are interested in buying one earlier than that, just send me a convo on flickr, or leave a note that you are a blog reader in the 'messages to seller' and I will refund you the difference.

Oh, Unraveled is selling off a ton of knitting supplies if anybody is interested. There is also an awesome liberty fq ,yarn giveaway ..Go check it out!

Lovely little handmades is having a giveaway for a oh so cute japanese charm pack. You can check out the giveaway here!


Jennifer said...

Don't give up it does get better with the potty training. They will one day just get it and then they take off! I know what you mean about the cleaning up of poo. I swore for awhile that was all I was cleaning up! I think my laundry multiplys over night!

Sarah said...

Hi Beth - Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know your Spring Swap package is in the mail! Thank you so much for the cute fabrics and awesome soap!
Hope you enjoy what I sent.
Thanks again,

Beth said...

UGH, my boy is refusing to go in the potty but I haven't been brave enough to go without the diapers. I suppose we'll get there!

Brother See, Sisters Do said...

It does get easier, every child is different. One day he will suprise you and use the potty all day long:) Good luck and just try to stay positive(easier said than done, I know)!

B said...

Love how you had to pick up,"a bit of fabric shopping to get (you) through another week." I've been dieing to get to the fabric store too, but with two wee ones in tow, it's never that simple is it?

pipnmillycreations said...

Good luck with the potty. My little girl turned 2 a couple weeks ago and we stopped using diapers just after Christmas. She has been dry most of the time, but has the odd day when she just doesn't make it to the bathroom for a poo! Thank goodness for washing machines and carpet cleaners!

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