Tuesday, February 17, 2009

WIP Wednesday

Working on finishing up some crayon booklets for my Etsy. I have one finished, and 4 just needing topstitching. Then the other 3 need to be sewn up. I picked up these cute Dick and Jane fabrics from a local quilt shop, and think they will just be perfect for the crayon booklets.

I am hoping to start on a new diaper bag for me, I dont remember the last time I sewed for myself... or even my kiddos. Knowing how I am I will probably cut out more baby shoes for my shop though...

A Heart For Home is offering a very generous giveaway- 4 yards of fabric of your choice! go check it out!

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LFinn said...

I love the Dick and Jane fabrics for the crayon rolls--they are perfect and fun! Thanks for commenting on my blog recently and for the tip about the Etsy store. I would LOVE to do a FQ swap soon. I am thinking about seeing if any of my other blog readers (I don't have lots yet) would be interested. What do you think? Happy weekend!

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