Sunday, March 8, 2009

Doll Quilt Swap

I am participating in my very first doll quilt swap! This will be the first quilt I do too! Glad I will have my Aunt Susan to help me along the way and answer all my questions! Here is a few of my fav's I have spotted on flickr..

1.Alphabet quilt, 2. For the birds, 3. black and white, 4. Insomnia but productive, 5. DQS5 Detail, 6. Soda Shop, 7. Drunk Love Two Tone, 8. Pillow cover, 9. Swappy goodness From Sarah, 10. Orange and Grey Stroller Quilt, 11. Autumn in the Park, 12. Fav. Things December Mini, 13. Monkey Charm Squares, 14. Green quilt, 15. Stacked Coins Baby Quilt

created using fd's flickrtoys.

A Few things that drew me to these quilts, or things that I would love to receive:

Love the unexpected color combination of orange and gray. or even yellow and grey.Love how different shades of green look together.Love anything that is fun, cute kiddy and whimsical. And not just because I have two children.Would love to get something to hang in my children's room. Rockets, trucks, cars, robots..

I like bright, bold, modern fabric. My favorite designers are Alexander Henry and Michael Miller. I LOVE Moda as well. I love polka dots. I like modern and fun quilt styles. Love cute zakka type Japanese prints.

I am not really into pinks, or anything really girly. Or anything drab dark, or civil war reprints. Or batiks. I do not like Amy Butler prints. I do not like shabby chic florals, or anything country. If you don't know what to do, you could always ask my Aunt Susan, a swap mama for this swap to drop you some hints! :O)

A little bit about me..

First time I picked up a needle was in elementary school. My grandmother received a bag of fabric and quilt scraps from her church. I hand stitch little pieces of knit to make my barbies some tube tops :O).

I dug into the quilt squares in 7Th grade and tried to make my first quilt. I ran out of pieces, didn't know what to do with binding, and got discouraged. I wonder what happened to that top..hmm.

Started thrifting and upcycling clothes and fabric in 9Th grade. This is when my love and passion for sewing really grew. I started to make patchwork clothes, and started to sell the patchwork clothing at various music festivals. I didn't have a vendors license, so I gave 25% of my earnings to my 'friend' in exchange. Towards the end of the summer (and end of the music festivals for the year) I had all my clothing and handmade items stored with my friend. She moved, I lost contact and she ended up swapping all my goods:( I had no written inventory, no way to prove anything. So it ended up being a hard lesson learned.

I started sewing again once I got pregnant with my second son. I don't know what it was about being in my 3rd trimester in the middle of a hot summer, but I got the crafty bug again. Since then I have opened up my Etsy shop, selling handmade children's items. My two son's are my constant inspiration for my shop. Currently I like to embroider and sew, would love to get experience quilting, want to make some softies, and I am sure something else will come along that will strike my fancy :O)

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