Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cleaning out..

So I didnt post a WIP yesterday because I was pricing baby clothes all day for a rummage sale this weekend. I now have caluses on my other (non hand sewing) fingertips from all the pinning. Going through all the baby clothes kinda fun, it was nice to see clothes that both of my boys have worn. I thought after a while I was going to feel sad about parting with them, have some kinda yearning for another.. that kinda thing.

But nope. I am pretty sure I am done. At least for now. At least for a while. A large part of me is simply scared to have three, because I come from a family of three, and I don't want to have the same family structure as I had when growing up. I am afraid of babying the youngest, overlooking the middle, and over glorifying the oldest. I know that is not true in every family but, I guess I am just simply content with where we are with things right now.

We met with our Mentor Couple at Church Tuesday night, and it went amazingly well. The couple we will be working with seems very nice, and all of us felt very comfortable. We will be meeting with them for marriage preparations, individual and couples counseling, as well as talking about some 'very personal' matters as they said. With only 4 1/2 months until our wedding, it is great to get started on these kinda things. We will be meeting with them a minimum of 6 two hour sessions, and I think it can only benefit us, right? They are going to be celebrating their 44th anniversary next month!
I have been working on DQS6 mostly, but I made up some of these little zippered pouches last week.

These four are made out of a upcycled coffee bean bag from a local coffee roaster, Alterra Coffee.
I made this one a little bigger, and made it entirely from my scrap bin. It was awesome to dig through and pick out my favorite little bits of fabric left over from various projects in the past. I have four others that I made up too, just for fun, but I haven't taken a pic yet. One of them was already snatched up :)I am going to try to put together a tutorial this weekend. Does anybody know of any super easy pdf programs? I had a link saved, but cant find it now..
Also, does anybody have any suggestions for any natural toy companies or etsy sellers they have bought from? I didn't realize the amount of plastic toys we were given for Cristian and I would like to get some teething toys and wooden instruments in particular. Anything natural, wooden or that doesn't play the same annoying high pitched songs over and over again. :)


Brother See, Sisters Do said...

I can relate to your pricing pain...I just finished tonight too!

Your wedding is approaching fast! I think you have a very positive attitude towards the classes, that is great.

Cute bags!!

Terri said...

I just saw a tutorial for these this morning only made out of dish rage, I can't wait to try them as well.

Terri said...

Hobby lobby?? Not sure what that is. Sounds fun though. I just saw the person who is taking over for leslie at goo-ness opened shop and she has argyle in black.

susan said...

ooh my gosh!! why didnt you show me those??? i would of "snatched" one of those too. i love that fabric! when will i get a bag of my very own coffee fabric? i would love to play with it. it looks so yummy. how awesome that your mentors have been married for so long. they should be very helpful to you and c.

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