Monday, April 20, 2009

DQS- in progress

My machine has been humming all day! I started cutting the squares last night, and was so eager to get sewing today! This is my quilt top all finished. I was going to start quilting it tonight, but I am changing my mind again and again about the backing fabric.

The fabric on the far right is what I am going to be using for the binding. It is a cute polka dot, with these little lines in it, reminds me of bird feet :)

I was going to go with the left fabric originally. That is what I bought it for. Then I picked up the middle fabric, thinking it would be great because of its large scale flowers. I am hesitant to add another fabric in thw quilt, one that is not on the front...I also like the idea of the backing fabric and the border fabric being the same...

Please help me out here! Any suggestions would be great!


racrobin said...

Wow, that is amazing! You should be so proud of yourself! And I think the yellow would be great for the binding and backing - it would really bring out more of the color.

Lory said...

I agree that you should use the the polka dot for binding and backing. It will bring the focus of the quilt to the beautiful quilt top and not detract from it.

Kudos, it's beautfiul.


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