Saturday, April 18, 2009

Growing up..

I haven't really posted anything lately about family life, or whats been going on here. I have been sewing, and have some fun pictures, but that will have to wait a day or two.This is Cristian (and little Chiquitin in the corner there) checking out his Easter Basket goodies. It was filled with some books, wooden cars and trucks, stickers, some more bathtub crayons (my nephew and him love coloring our patio doors with them, and they clean off super easy), two crayon booklets, and some Easter colored sixlets. I made a I-spy soft book and blocks a while ago that were suppose to be for Chiquitin to go in the basket, but Cristian wanted him to play with them right away, so oh well!

Chiquitin turned 6 months old last weekend. I fed him banana for his first food this week.

He has been making a lot of noise during our meal times, so I thought he might be getting curious. He has given me the strangest looks when I stick the spoon in his mouth though, as if to say 'What the heck do you think you are doing???'. I left a small amount of breastmilk for Papi today, thinking maybe he could try to give him a bit of cereal, and of course he drank the bottle. For the first time. Yeah! We will see how it goes next week!

I have been trying (or hoping for Papi's sake of sanity and patience) that he would take a pacifier. But that hasn't really gone over well. I took this picture super fast, just becasue I think it is so adorable. Cristian can get him to take it, but more for fun and play then to comfort and soothe him.

Cristian has been being so sweet with Chiquitin during and after bath time.

I went to get Cristian's toothbrush after I got them both dressed, and I walked into the room to find him reading his book to Chiquitin. He does this every night, but I sat on the bed and saw he was actually saying the words on the page, or a very close resemblance! He has been really into Dr. Seuss lately, and we have been reading Hop, Pop each night. I was very surprised by how many pages he remembered, House Mouse, Pat Cat, Father can read a little bit, Red Bed Ted Ned (he filled this one in describing that they had a blanket). It was so cute to see him 'reading' the book, and that he could say so many of the words from the book, and filled the rest in with his little mumbles like he was reading. It's moments like these make me so glad to be a mom :)


CraftGirlAlli said... cute! sounds like he's a good big brother. It's posts like this that make me anxious to have another one! your 2 are so cute!

Brother See, Sisters Do said...

They are so sweet!

susan said...

kiki is so cute!! that is so sweet he was reading to butter! and butter looks so strange with a pucky in his mouth!!

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