Wednesday, April 15, 2009

WIP Wednesday

I have added a few more things to my shop.
A few pairs of 6-12 month baby shoes.

A boys apron. I made up one of these aprons for a boy in my sons playgroup for his 2nd birthday last week. While I was cutting the fabric, I figured I would make an extra to put in my shop, and I am so glad I did! I forgot how fun it is to make little aprons, and I did it MUCH nicer than the first few aprons I made. For some reason I didn't sew the first one inside out, then topstitch... It looks so much nicer now, and much 'cleaner' with out all those little stitches everywhere..

I have just been blown away by the sheer generosity of fellow bloggers! Thank you to all those who have already responded saying they would send some selvage my way. If anybody still has some they are willing to part with, I will gladly accept it. :) I am getting a pretty bad soft spot for selvage!

Oh, yeah! One of my Etsy items was featured on a blog! Sparkle-Me featured my Crayon booklet, Game board on her blog here. Very cool!!!


Lyneya said...

LOOVE the boys apron! What a fun fabric choice!

Brother See, Sisters Do said...

That is great!! I know my kids LOVE their crayon books, they play with them all the time!!

Mandie said...

That apron is ADORABLE!!!

susan said...

i am really impressed with your etsy listing. it sounds really great, and it is nice that they use velcro instead of ties
the apron is super sweet too

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