Monday, April 27, 2009

Feeling good..

I woke up this morning to such a warm beautiful day! It was in the 60's and slightly humid- perfect..

Made some bias tape before Chiquitin's morning nap.. The top one is going on an eye spy mini quilt I made up for Cristian, the bottom is on my DQS6 already. We all sat outside for around 2 hours, playing with chalk, balls and me handsewing binding on. nothing can be more relaxing.. I am waiting to post pictures of my DQS6 unti I get the label on..

Cristian and I got our haircut last week. I got 10 inches off, and Cristian had have gotten more than 2. His hair was getting ridiculously long.. I needed a change, I havent had my hair any where close to my shoulders since middle school- yikes.

I made homemade baby food for Chiquitin Sunday night. Organic carrots- came out to 7 cents an ounce, and super easy to make. Steam, puree. Just dont add the cooking water to the puree because of having nitrates.. He seemed to really like them, he gave me such a surprised expression with every bite.

*If there is anyone out there that believes in the power of prayer, please pray for all those affected by this Swine Infulenza. We spoke with my (soon to be) Mother in law yesterday, and she is very sick.I dont really know much, or the extent of it until we speak with her again tonight. *


Brother See, Sisters Do said...

I hope your future mil is okay! Praying for good news and a speedy recovery.

Cute pictures of you and the kids!

Lory said...

I hope she recovers soon. I'm sending warm wishes your way. :)


susan said...

oh beth! carlos's family was the first thing i thought of when i read about the flu. how truly scary. i hope she is taking care of herself, and gets well soon. do they know if its the flu???
pretty bindings and i love the look on butters face!!! i didnt know about the nitrates!

CraftGirlAlli said...

10 inches! Wow! Do you like it? Or are you still getting used to it? I remember when I got about 8 inches cut off mine - it was right after my son was born and I was tired of messing with my hair lol. Now it's shoulder length and i love it! Your hair looks good too!
Hope your MIL is okay! And wow, you make baby just do everything!!!

Liz said...

I hope you MIL is doing better!

I recently made bias tape for the first time. Your's looks better than mine - my edges were a bit wonky.

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