Saturday, April 4, 2009

Got my Easter Swap package!

How is everybody else doing with their packages? I have received emails from most of you , please let me know when you have SENT and RECEIVED please! Also, you can upload your pictures to the Weepereas Swap flickr pool, and check out what other have sent in the swap!

I received lots of goodies from Jessica and Morgan! 2 bags of yummy chocolates (which have already been eaten!), some foam sheets and Easter cut outs, a coloring pad, handmade recycled crayons, (I need to make some!), Easter egg shaped chalk, Easter stickers, 2 hot wheels cars, some very soft washcloths, and a taggie rag blanket for Chiquitin. You can check out Jessica's etsy to get your own handmade washcloths, blankets, quilts and burpcloths.

I sent her some baby shoes for her expecting baby, cute notecards and fridge magnets, a needle roll to keep all her knitting needles in, some glitter glue, some cute Easter stamps, 2 wooden buses, a Peter Rabbit book and sticker set, cute dinosaur and farm stickers, foam alphabet stickers, and a hand art book from Klutz. I took the picture of everything, then was wrapping it all up in tissue paper to make little individual 'presents' and Kiki grabbed the sixlets from the pile. I came home from the post office to find him and Papa eating them on the couch. Little stinker.

Kiki really loves the recycled crayons, when he saw them he exclaimed, "Oh, its cute!!" and Chiquitin loves to eat his little lovey blanket already.

I hope everyone had fun with this swap!


Josie said...

Im having a quilt square swap on my blog- you know you want to sign up.....

racrobin said...

Chiquitin likes to eat things? I never would have guessed. :)

Jane said...

what a fun swap, sorry I missed it
I can't believe how your baby has grown!

Terri said...

we got ours to thank you

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