Friday, April 3, 2009

Mail goodies

Whew, lots to post about!
These fabrics were sent to me from my Sister . I love all of them so much, I think they are all so cool. Crazy how she picked out such amazing fabrics for me without asking me what I wanted! What a great birthday present. (Toes not included, thats Cristian trying to scoop up some of the FQ's, hehe)

The fabric scraps were sent to me from Arden's Space on Flickr, I am still working on sending out some thank you goodies. She sent an entire cereal box stuffed full of eye spy fabrics. I was practing my peiceing and put together a little doll quilt top. I definately need some practice on my peicing, especially before I get going on DQS6..

This is from a personal swap with Kelly. She saw some of my baby shoes on flickr, and we set up a swap for me to make her some for her soon to be born grandaughter. She sent me so many goodies, and lots of lovely fabric!

This is from the 'A Little Fabric, A little Chocolate' group on flickr. I was partnered with the lovely Katy, (imagingermonkey). I sent her a red/aqua/white themed swap. (one of her favorite color comboinations) It made it so much fun putting things together for her package. I received a lovely handmade patchwork bag, very cute fabrics, some japanese goodies, and it was all packaged up in this blue polka dot suitcase! I had so much fun with this swap! I signed up for the next round right away :)


CraftGirlAlli said...

wow! you are a swapping fool! but you got some great stuff!

Josie said...

How fun! I will post pics from my Easter swap today too if you wanna see!

Lory said...

Thanks for your kind comment on gummi. :)

Wow, you've received some really beautiful fabrics. I'm so jealous, lol.


Nancey said...

Ok, Beth, you definitely have some good swap luck. I joined another 4 FQs swap based after the SMS one, and this time I've only received one FQ! I think I'm swap repellent--haha. Yours and mine was the only real good swap I've had yet!

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