Thursday, April 2, 2009

Mmm, Pasta.

I love pasta. If we aren't eating something traditional Mexican for a meal, I am always making up some sort of pasta dish.
The first time I tried RP's pasta was post partum, a friend brought me the porcini mushroom tortellini's with alfredo sauce. It was so delicious, and not because I was just starving and sleep deprived. I have picked up a package of this pasta pretty much every week.

I got a package last week at the grocery store, and about 2 days later I noticed it went bad. So I emailed the company, and told them the expiration date said the product was still good. They were extremely friendly, and told me I should go back to the store to get a refund. I didn't have my receipt any longer, so I was told they would take care of it..

Well.. they sure took care of things. I was very surprised when the UPS man brought this huge box to my door! The pasta was in a cold container, and there was 6 packages of pasta as a 'replacement'! Wow, talk about some great business standards!

I dont think you find companies with these kind of ethics anymore. It says on their package: 'traditonal pasta made in small batches by master pasta maker Peter Robertson in Madison, WI. Fresh, authentic, never pre-cooked.' (It tastes as close as I can get to have a little Italian lady making pasta in my kitchen :)

I tried the fettuccine for the first time tonight for dinner. I lightly sauteed red bell pepper (chopped) in olive oil, added in frozen shrimp, then added chopped fresh basil and half a lemon's worth of juice right at the end. Tossed this all with the pasta, and it was delicious. (toddler ate it all up)

If anybody is local, I encourage you to try out this pasta, or check your local dairy selection for some locally made fresh pasta. (note: I am not getting endorsed or anything by the company, I just love pasta, and was blown away to receive the pasta 'replacements' in the mail today!)

*I just stumbled across Ripping out Seams' blog ,and she is having a giveaway for 4 fat quarters! no april fools joke! You can check out the post here.*

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Lory said...

Wow, that is one nice company! Most don't really have customer service like that.

That meal you mentioned sounds delicious. I have a soft spot for pasta. :)


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