Wednesday, April 1, 2009

WIP Wednesday

I have been super busy. Just not crafty.. I just started another class at school, and it is an accelerated 6 week class instead of 12. I am overwhelmed and stressed out with the amount of work that I have to accomplish. It is nice to be taking an accelerated class, I definitely like the pace much better than my other class, it just makes free time to sew very few and far between.

I got a custom order request for 'gender neutral jungle theme' baby shoes Monday, and it was nice to have to take a break from all my chapter write-ups. I came up with these 4 designs for her, and she chose the top left ones. The others will be soon listed in my shop, they are amongst an over growing pile of 'only needs a tiny hand stitch and its done' that is taking over my counter.

I have some more baby gifts I made up, awesome birthday goodies to share, and a bunch of mail goodies I will try to be posting about in the next few days.

OH! Stitches and Scissors is having a very generous giveaway for some pretty FQ's! Check it out here. It is open until this Saturday!


CraftGirlAlli said...

I love your little booties!!! Super cute!!

Brother See, Sisters Do said...

Very cute!! You are a very busy girl!!

Darci said...


I love all of the booties that you make, they are so adorable.

Lory said...

Oh, how cute! Kudos

Yeah, those six week classes are tough! Best of luck. :)


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