Monday, May 18, 2009

Juggling Act..

Thats how life has been for the past few weeks. When I started my second class at school, it was as though I has to drop one of the ball I was juggling, and the first to go was any kind of social life. I just couldnt keep up. It became hard to keep up with everything around the house too, just didnt have then energy for it. It all dwildled down to just being able to juggle family and school. I have been trying to slowly get back into things- hence the lack of blogging.

I went down to Ikea last week (for dressers) and came back with a nice fabric haul. I have the number fabric listed in my shop, the other fabrics I plan to make lovies, blankets and other stuff for my shop.
I went down with my Aunt and we also hit a two quilt shops. I will have to post some pics of the goodies later. I got to hang out with my (teenage) cousin, and it was awesome just talking with her, and we had fun together (I hope she did) despite she was just getting dragged along to quilt shops.

I spent this past weekend attending a church retreat conference for engaged couples. It was insipiring, to say the least. There was a lot of lectures that we attended, and group classes too. The amount of information that I walked away from there with left the two of us with plenty to talk about. I picked out invitations this week, and need to start really planning more details of the wedding, considering it is less than 3 months away! Ack!

I did an interview a few months back, and totally forgot about it. You can check it out if you want over at SwapDex.

I will have more to post soon, I have too many wips right now, and plan on trying to get a ton more stuff listed in my shop this week. I almost have a second page in my shop, yeah!


Josie said...

I didn't know Ikea had fabric?! I have never been to one though! lol

susan said...

i have had so much fun with you coming down the last two weeks! i knew you would spend more than you figured at ikea..its impossible not to!!
you did score nicely tho

Sarah said...

I love your title and feel your pain... I don't know how you're able to do it all, especially with a family! Glad to see you back, and with SUCH CUTE FABRIC!!!

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