Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Ok, so instead of posting another 'so much to do, not enough time' post, I tried to prioritize my day yesterday. I made a little list of things that immediately needed to get done things, and I finished up all but one. I got half of my wedding invitations sent out. I still need to go over the proof for the other half of the invites that will be in Spanish. I made up some baby blankets for my shop yesterday-

1. Baby blanket, Numbers 2. Baby Blankets, First Sights 3. Baby blanket, Noah's Ark 4. Baby Blanket,Red Hippos.

(Mosaic made using fd's flickr toys)

I have set a goal to make 5 new things every week for my shop. Considering I made up these 4 blankets yesterday, I see that as a very practical goal. I am also hoping to make enough in my shop to be able to pay for the musicians I want for the wedding reception. I am almost half way there!
The weather here has been crazy. I guess that is Wisconsin though; it was so beautiful and hot yesterday morning, then after lunch I was considering turning the heat on! I wanted to grill out this morning when my Brother and nephew were coming over, so we just put jackets on!

It's June and Cristian is in his winter jacket. Then it started to sprinke, and I had to dry off the cars with a towel. Cristian and my nephew didnt seem to mind though.

(Amanda, please let me know if you arent ok with me posting this pic!)

I am going dress shopping this weekend, and my Sister is coming into town to go with me. Excited doesnt even begin to describe how happy I am to see her and how much I am looking forward to picking out a dress!


susan said...

they look so cute in the cars together!! you need stickers tho!! so they can race
i know what you mean about the weather tho, i still havent been able to paint!! its either too cold, wet or windy!!what did you grill?

Beth said...

I worry the stickers would just get ripped off tho! We grill nopale cactus, chili peppers and onions :)

Amanda said...

Not a problem, that's such a cute pic!!!

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