Wednesday, June 24, 2009

More fabrics for swappin!

Ok, this should conclude my series of postings on fabrics to swap.... I went through my stash today, and reorganized everything. If I didn't have an idea for something to make with it, I am going to swap it. A lot of the fabrics I put into my swapping pile are gorgeous, but I just don't have any immediate use for them. So help me find them a better home! :)

Things I would love to swap for-
more fabric, especially boyish prints.
notions, I love 7 or 9 inch zippers, thread, ribbon...
milk chocolate (nothing like swapping one obsession for another..)
Just ask! Take advantage of my deep spring cleaning, I want these fabrics to get used instead of sitting around on my shelf.

#29) 2 1/2 yards of purple satin. there is a beading flowery detail running throughout. washed.
#30)Assortment of fat quarters. All fun and cute, just don't have any projects in mind for these. (The paddington bear,brown stripe and red swigly stripe have been swapped, the others 2 are still available)
#31) more fat quarters. Again, awesome, just don't have any plans for them. The western fabric on the right is a 1/2 yard.
#32) a poly/cotton blend. measures 27 inches by 38 inches. there is a cute silvery stripe running through the fabric. *swapped*#33) assortment of pinks. washed. are all flat quarters, with just a little bit missing (I made some log cabin coasters from these) *swapped*
#34) "Chocolate is good medicine' measures 16x17. *swapped*
"Sweet Tooth" by Robert Kaufman, 1/2 yard, washed. *swapped*

Please leave me a way of contacting you, blogger often leaves 'no reply' comments. Or email me at weepereas at yahoo dot com and let me know what you are interested in.
My selvage pouch is featured on I Heart Crafts! Check it out here!


A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Great idea to swap for things you can use!

threekitchenfairies said...

I have to go through my stash soon, because there are so many pretty things here and in your flickr group. For sure I have tons of chocolate...

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