Friday, June 26, 2009

Some random..

Some random things I have been up to-I won a giveaway from MommyHolly. She participated in the 'Be my Valentine' childrens swap. I won the giveaway over here, and she has an awesome, cute shop right here. (with more of those adorable owl and tulle gift tags!)

After going through all my fabric trying to destash/swap I cleaned out my sewing room (or closet to be accurate). It feels good to have everything all folded nicely, and to have gone though and remembered projects I had in mind for some fabrics. I still have plenty more fabrics up for swap, check the 'swap' tag on my sidebar, or you can have a looksie at my fabric swap set on flickr.

Picked up some new books. (at least to me). I went to the bookstore in search of Amy Bulter's In Stitches, but didnt want to shell out $24.95 just for the pattern for this clutch. I have a few family members/ friends I need to make some thank you gifts for... Then I found out my Aunt Susan has the book anyways, so I can just borrow hers! She has the other two I picked up too, of course. I should have known the chickenfoot library would be stocked with all the good classics :)


Lory said...

Those books look awesome, they're treasures for sure. :)

racrobin said...

Ooooh, love the clutch! Am I on that list? :)

susan said...

yea, um wheres my clutch???
oh do i have to give you the book first?????

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