Monday, July 27, 2009

Quilt shop trip..

I went down to visit my Aunt this weekend and we went to a local quilt shop, Quilter's Heaven. I tried to be really good, as I was only planning on buying fabric for a quilt I am planning on making. I want to make a quilt using grey linen, and lots of different oranges. I love how this block looks, fun and simple :)
I did get a variety of oranges, I still think I may need more though. The fabric on the left is sock monkey fabric, I want to make some little baby shoes with it. The white with teal/light brown fabric is from Marcus Brothers and is so soft and silky I couldn't resist. Despite my fabric buying 'diet' I only walked out with two impulse purchases, which was really good considering the amount of lovely fabric they have at this shop! I like Quilter's Heaven better than my own local quilt shop :)
And I had to pick up a yummy cannoli on the way home. I don't know any place local to get a cannoli, so I bought two. I had every sweet intention of sharing one with my sweetie when he got home from work that night. I shared one in the car ride with Kiki, and the other one was eaten promptly after taking this picture. :P


racrobin said...

Mmmm, cannoli.... with all the Italian places by you you can't find anything local?

Brother See, Sisters Do said...

LOVE cannolis!!! Tenutas in Kenosha has some that are good if you are looking for a place somewhat local:)

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