Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Baby gifts

My friend Sara had a baby girl and since we aren't sick in the house anymore, I wanted to make her some special baby stuff for her little girl. Especially since the second child tends to get overlooked with special, just for them gifts..A little patchwork lovely blanket. This is the top, it is chenille, flannel and cotton.
I embroidered her sweet little name on the reverse cotton side.
And made up some tiny itty bitty baby shoes for her. I loved these polka dots, and there is a sheer ribbon bow on the top.
It was so nice to go visit and see her tiny little newborn. Some friends you can go for what seems like forever without seeing them, and it still feels just like yesterday. And then you wonder why it has been so long since you hung out. (well, we have been sick, but still...) It was so sweet to see Kiki playing with her daughter, who he has affectionately named 'Boo'. It also just made me so sad to think about moving away, and leaving behind this group of friends who I have known since Cristian was just a little baby. They are not only just my friends, but also his little friends; who he has been playing with since, well they would just stare at each other while we shopped or went for coffee :)
Good changes and opportunities to come, but also some amazing people that I will be leaving behind :( I just need to focus on the positive changes, becasue otherwise it makes me too sad to think about.

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