Thursday, July 23, 2009

A trip to the park!

This may seem like some not very special.. but this was seriously the second time we have gone to the park this summer. With Wisconsin weather not really getting really warm until July, er it still isn't actually that warm outside, and with Cristian being sick for what seemed like the whole summer.. But is was nice to get out and play.My nephew Milo met up with us at the park, and right away they jumped into this little car together.
Sliding down the slides together. Cristian saw a bigger boy climb up the slide, and then decided he had to do it that way too. No point in walking all the way around to the steps. No, that would be too far.
'Driving' on this little wall that was a car.
Chiquitin sat so nice in my carrier. He kept letting out little 'hmms' in approval of being outside. There was barely any sun yesterday, and I was actually quite windy too..

He loved the swing. I think that is an understatement. Cristian at this age HATED being in a playground swing, he would just kick and scream with terror. I was so surprised that Chiquitin just sat there kicking his legs and squealing with delight. This is definitely one of my favorite pictures if him :) Now if we could just get some more sunshine around here..

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Brother See, Sisters Do said...

Cute pictures and awesome park!! We went there for a b-day party this summer, the kids loved it!

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