Thursday, August 6, 2009

County Fair!

I went out to the county fair with two of my friends and their little girls. So glad I went, it was a really fun time!Here are the kiddos checking out the eggs hatching.
Cristian looking at the ducks. He was excited to point out the patos (ducks) and doodle doodle doo's (roosters- he just knows what noise they make thanks to the farm behind out house)
Paige, Haylie and Cristian climbed up on some big tractors. This was one of Cristian's favorite parts of the day. When we went to playgroup this week, he asked if he was going with Paige and Haylie to see the tractors :)There was an awesome petting area, with so many baby animals. Here they are looking at the baby chicks. I tried getting Cristian to hold one, but it would jump out of my hand before he would grab a hold of it. He enjoyed seeing the ducks, baby quails and the pony.
Little Paige is such a sweetheart. She was eating a snow cone and I saw her tongue turned blue, but when I tried to take a picture she got all sad!
The kids went on one ride together, and I was amazed that none of them were not too scared to ride with one of the parents. The all seemed to love the train, and were smiling and laughing as it went around.Cristian loved the train :)

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Kris said...

oh, fun! I love going to county and state fairs!

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