Monday, August 10, 2009

Wedding Flowers

With less than three weeks until the wedding, I am trying to get some diy projects finished. (or started really, eep..)Whew. 90 tissue paper flowers folded up. So grateful that my Aunt and cousin came to help out and we got 2/3 of them done. (in two hours)
After the flowers are folded, you have to fan out the tissue to make the 'petals'. The cheap, thin dollar store tissue worked better than the grey craft tissue from Michael's.

One centerpiece done. I just need to fill with glass rocks, and drop a little light in for the reception.
Only 9 to go. I was very optimistic, and thought I was going to make twice this many for the reception, and also make some small ones in paper cones for end of aisle decorations at the church. Yeah, no time or energy for that now..
I followed a tutorial from Zakka Life, but I did the red and white flowers 3.5 inches, and the silver are 3 inches. I also used up to 10 layers of tissue paper, this helped to create a fuller looking flower.
Here is another cute, similar tute for tiny tissue paper flowers.


Beth said...

These look beautiful! I might try some just for fun!

racrobin said...

So pretty! I think these will look so nice!

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