Sunday, August 9, 2009


We made a trip up to the Milwaukee Zoo last weekend. It was nice to do something as a family, and at least feel like we did something this summer.Here I am as Momma giraffe with Cristian. He thought this was just so funny that we were giraffes.Chiqutin did really well in the carrier, and enjoyed sitting in the wagon with Cristian too. (which surprised me, Cristian would have nothing to do with that when he was 10 months old...) I think he just enjoys being outside, and was looking around at everything.
Cristian and I outside of the brown bear exhibit. I couldn't get him to stop making silly faces. And I ripped my contact that morning, so had to wear my glasses which I now despise. I tried explaining to Cristian how the bear inside the exhibit was the same as his teddy bear 'oso' but he just said "Nooo" in his little grunty voice.
Cristian and the giraffe. As soon as he spotted the giraffes, he wanted nothing to do with the other animals. We were by the elephants and they were playing in the water. Cristian thought this was so funny, and kept telling me 'Silly elephants, you taking a bath". The elephants were one of the animals he knew the name of when he saw them, and also knew what sound they made.
We went on the train ride around the park before we left, and Cristian kept yelling 'Keke like it train! Keke like it train!' when I asked him about going to the zoo later that day, or the next day, that was the part he kept repeating to me :)

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