Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Back from Vacation

Well, we got back from vacation last weekend. It is hard to be back home, and have just been spending the last few days transitioning back to schedules and daily responsibilities.Both kids did better than I could have ever imagined on the long car ride. This is Cristian sitting on a sculpture somewhere in Nebraska.
We spent out first full day in Denver at the Denver Zoo in the morning. Cristian got so happy when he saw the elephants and giraffes ( ee-wee-pha is how he calls a giraffe :) ). He would get a big surprised look on his face, then go running to the exhibit.

We rode the train at the Zoo, and Cristian still talks about it. He was so excited to be riding the train, and kept gasping, "Ah! choo-choo!"
We spent the next day checking out the mountains, checking out towns to live in. We went up to Red Rocks Amphitheater in the afternoon and we were all just in awe with the beauty of the mountains.
I believe this day is what made up our mind to move out to the mountains.
Our last day we spent at the Denver Aquarium, and it was a fun time for the whole family.
Cristian pointed out to me 'Look Mama! You see it? It's Doree and Nemo! '
I was surprised that he remembered this, and he kept running around the tank pointing out the clown fish and yelling Nemo!
At the very end of the Aquarium there was a sting ray pool where you could touch and feed the sting rays. We had a coupon for free fish, so I tried to be brave and fed a sting ray. One of the large ones came up to eat the fish out of my hand, and it felt like a huge, tickling vacuum. Definitely a cool experience!
We already miss the mountains, I miss my sister and we are looking forward to moving in about 5 or 6 months.


...and baby makes four! said...

Aren't the Denver Zoo and Downtown Aquarium the BEST?! We lived about four hours away (AND that's where the grandparents live) and so we visit a lot.


Sarah said...

I am glad you loved it and had great time!! Denver looks good on u.LOL. ;)

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