Wednesday, September 23, 2009

WIP Wednesday

I started stitching this little embroidered alphabet quilt last week while on vacation, but only got a few letters done.
A tutorial for the Embroidered Alphabet Mini Quilt can be found on Orange Flower's blog.
This was my first time using a back stitch, and it has been good practice! (just don't look too closely at my A!) I think I am going to make another one with the 29 letters of the Spanish alphabet next. I thought it would be cute to give to Cristian for his birthday, then he can play with it and practice his letters/ colors.
Last night I made up this little reusable snack bag. I made it using Alexander Henry's 'Traffic Jam' (Thanks Leah!) I am not completely happy with how it turned out, the side seams are a little bulky. The seams are not exposed though, so there will not be any fraying when it is washed. I plan on working on another design this afternoon, hopefully I can get the seams to lay nice and flat...
Just a little sneaky peek of something I was working on yesterday.
It was the first time I sat down at my sewing machine since going on vacation, and I am enjoying doing some fun, small projects. I have lots of ideas for things for my shop, but it is nice to not feel 'obligated' to sew for my shop..


LFinn said...

I like the reusable bag! Does it close with a zipper or velcro of some kind? By the way, I think I saw SOCK MONKEYS!!!! :-) Can't wait to see what you are working on.

Beth said...

Leah, the reusable bag closes up with velcro. I was working on a new design earlier, and I think my third attempt I will be happy with. I will post tons of links when I figure it out :)

Beth said...
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Liberty said...

I love reading your blog!!

I have a giveaway going on right now for free fabric!

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