Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Gringo Truck..

Bob The Builder, or 'Gringo Truck' as it is called by my hubby. He mimics Kiki calling the show 'digger truck'. Well the movies are Kiki's new obsession, and I picked up fabric thinking about making him a quilt.Well the show and movies are kind of annoying. Or maybe it is just because the movies play in a continuous loop, and during one nap time I hear the same movie at least 4 times..
I was thinking to fussy cut out the characters and make a quilt using some kind of block with the character in the center, like a log cabin.
In just a few days I have already figured out that I won't be able to stand working with this fabric for that long.. So I am thinking of just making a fleece lined blanket..
That way when he moves on to his next obsession I don't feel bad about all the time I spent on a Bob the Builder Quilt.
I forgot to post about this swap I received, since it came just before we went on vacation. These goodies came from Arnden's Space, highway.cottage, and Sandi D. I just love the cursive fabric, I think it will make a cute pouch!

We picked up a GPS for our trip, and I needed to make a little cozy for it. I lined it with linen, and it works great to store it in!

I forgot to post about this, but I was featured on True Up! True up was doing a stash feature, and they asked about featuring a vintage stash photo I had uploaded on flickr.
The vintage scraps were just given to me by my sister in law, Amanda. I was eager to look through them, so I went outside and dumped them out on my porch to get inspired! I still have some bits if anyone wants to do a swap!

A bit of this and a bit of that is doing an awesome Japanese vintage mixed bag of fabric giveaway! Check it out here.

*Anyone know any cute handmade somethings I can make for a sweet little girl turning 7 that isnt clothes?*


Randi said...

A tote bag! My three year old and my five year old sister both love them! I think we have about fifty of them! :) Or a little purse, girls loves purses! :)

Katie B. said...

I'm making my son a robot quilt, and I'm really hoping he likes robots for a long time!

For the 7-year-old...what about an apron? Does that count as clothes? There's a really cute free pattern on the Sew Liberated blog.


Beth said...

thanks you guys!
I plan on making her a tiny version of the buttercup bag, but I thought something else would be nice too. I was hoping for handmade, and not barbie or hsm or something similiar.

I havent seen that apron pattern before, although I have made aprons for kids (and for this little girl) I love that it has an elastic neck and a velcro back tie. Both of those are things my son stuggles with on his apron!

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