Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thrift Score!

I went to a local thrift store this morning looking for some charcoal grey wool,
and look what I found! A long women's skirt, and 100% wool.
I had a buy one item, get one free coupon so I went and picked out a helicopter shirt for Kiki..
The cashier rang up my two items for $1.80, then half off it came to 95 cents!
I am pretty sure she purposely gave me the wrong (higher value) item as my free item, but I wasn't going to argue!
I love the scarfs from the shop Cipollla, when I saw them on Etsy, I thought it would be a great gift to make for my hubby..
Now I just need to figure out something to add as an applique on the end, any suggestions?


LFinn said...

What an amazing find! Good job:-) I like the scarves you hope to imitate. The "manly" wolves/bears/animals are nice for embroidery, or you could do cowboy boots, or jalapeno peppers, or a hot rod car...i don't know what would best suit your sweetie.

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