Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Big Boy

Chiquitin isn't so little anymore!
I was calling him my little fat boy, until Kiki started to call me the same thing! So now he is big boy..
So, Big Boy has started walking. When he wants to. There is no convincing him to leave one persons arms to walk to someone else unless he wants to..

He also sticks out his tongue, to the side, whenever he is concentrating on something..

Oh, and check out the little tie onesie I made for him! I am worried about how much it will fray, but it has held up fine for a few washes.. Which means I need to make more!

Big boy after his new haircut (something like his 4Th now).

Being able to see his face not covered up by long hair makes him look even older to me!

And I am pretty sure my photographer from the wedding has completely flaked. At least I had plenty of family taking pictures, one of whom gave me this picture. It is one of my favorite, I love how I have both boys cuddled up under the blanket!


mo said...

The tie onesie is so cute! What a sweet picture from the wedding!

Lina said...

I agree the tie onesie is really fun. What a great idea for a shirt! And, the photo of the two of you snuggling is adorable indeed!

Lina said...

Correction - make that three of you!!!

Beth said...

So cute! I thought my photog bailed on us, too, but after numerous calls he finally came through. Don't give up hope!

giddygoat said...

Wasn't he just born?! Jeepers!

I love that photo of you. You are so pretty.

Little Green Doll said...

He's adorable!!!

Cascade Lily said...

Love the tiny tie onesie! So cute - what a great idea :)

And wow you looked a knockout on your wedding day :)

jillytacy said...

I can't believe how big your boys have gotten! The photo of you with your boys is precious!

susan said...

oh so now im just some "relative"??? judy told me she just got your pix to you??? A looks so adorable, i cant get over how much more grown up he looks. and walking!! sheesh i need to visit
oh, and that tie onesie is a hoot!!

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