Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Little Miss Addisen

I just finished up this little soft doll for a birthday present tomarrow..She is made with cotton, wool and is stuffed with bamboo fiber. I embroidered her face details.
Addisen has red hair, so I thought it would be cute to have the doll resemble herself.
I cant wait to see her open it! I tried making a little red minky petticoat to go over her outfit (seeing as how she likes to play in the snow) but I am having a hard time drafting a pattern, and I just plain ol' have no idea when it comes to clothes..


Tammy said...

That's adorable Beth! You did an awesome job!

Anonymous said...

Yes, very professional!
How about a cape instead?

Little Green Doll said...

Wow! It's very beautiful!! I'm sure she'll adore it!

Beth said...

I gave it to her this morning and when she pulled it out, she squeezed it! I think she loved it!

jillytacy said...

This turned out great! How cute! School has been crazy but I finally posted a link to your Etsy shop. Sorry for the delay, you have some great things in there!

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