Monday, December 21, 2009


I went out thrifting this weekend, and stumbled across this thrift shop that I could never figure out where it was..I got two more valances for the kiddos room and a small round wool rug. We had to take the large room rug out, since to much of the furniture was overlapping on top of the rug.
2 yards of a gorgeous grey-blue corduroy, some blue plaid cotton, and two embroidery hoops all for less than $10. ^_^
Nice score, considering I was told $20 for the bedroom stuff. And I have seen what valances are selling for over on ebay..

I also went out looking for more wool to make more baby boots and shoes from.
Top, brown with orange houndslooth wool
middle, pink wool. this will be great for little baby mary janes!
bottom, black and cream herringbone wool

Top left, Tweed- black with pink,purple and blue bits
Top right, Wool/Tweed blend. soft blue with darker blue
Bottom right, Wool, blue and orange houndslooth. Sadly I only have enough to make one or two pairs of baby booties..
Bottom right, brown with blue houndslooth

I will be making a lot more shoes as soon as Christmas projects are done!
A Heart for Home has a designer scrap pack giveaway going on here!
Sweet Greens has a 12 days of etey giveaways going on! check out all the lovely giveaways here.


Randi said...

Do you take your kiddos while thirfting? I have a three year old and a 1 month old, and I find it's hard to find those awesome things in a thrift store when I have them with me, because I'm so busy keeping an eye on them I can't see the goods! :)

Brother See, Sisters Do said...

Can you share where this store is(if it is a place you want to keep private so we don't all rush to it, I understand:)

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