Thursday, February 11, 2010

DQS8 top finished!

Yeah! I finished up my hexagon dqs8 top today!75 hexagons all sewn together, with a 1inch white border.
I am planning on quilting it with hexagons, so I was thinking a white backing? And maybe a scrappy red/aqua binding?
Any input is needed, I think I may have went more towards my likes than my partners, so let me know what you think!


Adrienne said...

Your quilt top looks great. All of those hexes! I vote for a red binding. :)

Cristin said...

It looks great! Those must be TINY hexes! Way to go! I'd say a scrappy binding would be in order.... imho :-)

Kelly said...

Love the idea of a scrappy border! Very cute! Your partner is very lucky.

biggirllittlegirl said...

Wow, lovely! I vote for the white background and scrappy border! I just did a scrappy border on a larger scale on my yard square quilt and it turned out nice. I am impressed with your patience with all of those hexagons!

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