Monday, February 8, 2010

Coming Together..

I finished up the little hex strip I was working on.."Falling Hexagons''..
I have the feeling now that I will make up a mini at least every month.
I have lots of bare walls..
'moomeeka' approves.
As soon as the mini was finished Kiki ran off with it and snuggled his 'moomeeka' under with a bedtime story.
A close up of the top of the hexagon echo/ghost quilting.

And the back. I ran into bobbin problems on every hexagon just up until the very end.
I used natural linen for the back, so the little nests of thread built up show up more than I would like.
I also got going on my first DQS8, thanks to some time spent with my Aunt Susan yesterday.
I have 5 rows done, and 5 more to go. I am going to add a small 1" white border to this to frame the hex's.. or maybe not, what do you think?

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