Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Slowing down..

This whole week has been long and overwhelming. I have been buying myself with to-dos that aren't getting accomplished, a house that has been neglected..only to guilt myself with not meeting my high bar of expectations.
Yesterday I realized I just need to take a step back (again) and slow down. I need to be more realistic with my expectation for my kids, my hubby and my sewing production for my shop..
I met up with my fabulous Aunt yesterday for some stitching, coffee and lots of chatting. It was nice to just hang out and not feel like I 'had' to be doing something. Although we got lots more chatting than stitching done, but that's ok! I managed to baste 13 hex's. I am planning on stitching these all together to make a red & aqua hexagon doll quilt, with a 1 or 2 inch white border before the binding.. (inspired by this mini)
And I finished up this little hexagon doll quilt top yesterday! I picked up some spray adhesive so I can quilt it this week. I am either going to stipple (because i think it would go well with the simplicity) or echo quilt it, which would make the hex's pop more.. What do you think?
I also picked up this magazine yesterday, just for that bag on the front! I think it would be great with some aqua wool i have in my stash (but i don't think I have enough)with red.. I may have to make one, then make a smaller version. It will be nice to sew something for myself!
Some goodies I have received in the last few days.. The sheep fabric is from my SIL, I think I will have to make a boy softie with it! I received the KJR ribbon from Solida on flickr, it was destined to go with Kiki's quilt, but got vetoed by hubby for being girly.. The pink piggie fabric is from Jenny, I have a preggo friend who I think this would be great as baby shoes! The little mary poppin boo piggies were a sweet little extra I received with my order from this and that from japan.

Some goodies from my aunt Susan. I gave her some birthday goodies, and she gave me this! (for Christmas maybe?) I love the bath mat, as it goes with my green bathroom and it so much softer than my target bath rug! Plus the patchy-ness of it is so much cuter!


Madelynnnn said...

Ohhh! I love all of the fun fabrics you have gotten!

And if you make that purse make sure to post pictures!!

Evelyn Fields said...

So true what you wrote about "To Do Lists" & not getting through them. It is really hard to be proactive & then not feel guilty when things don't get done. I love the bath mat too! I really need to add making one on to my To Do list (it never ends)!

LJ said...

I saw the magazine at the store and I was so tempted to buy it yesterday but I did not because 10 bucks is 10 bucks less fabric. :) That quilt above is just spectacular. You are keeping it yes?

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