Tuesday, October 5, 2010


4. Four years ago my little Kiki was born, and I became a mother.
You are sensitive, and still a little peanut, just as when you were a baby. Only this summer did you finally reach 30 pounds. You are so full of energy and playful they we often have tell you to calm down. You love getting your hair cut. You love Cars and Thomas and digger trucks and everything that goes. You are eager to go to preschool. You speak more Spanish then English, and can count to 10 and identify most colors. You love green. You love bedtime stories, even though you do not always sit quietly through the whole book. You 'read' books to your little brother.
You love your little brother. Sometimes he is mean and a little bully but you still look after him. And try to help him or rub his back when he is hurt. He wants to be just like you, and sometimes his following you around irritates you. I wish for you two to stay best friends.
You love to 'help' Aunt Rachel in the kitchen. She is amazingly patient with you, and you do well with stirring, rolling out dough and decorating with sprinkles. She has showed you how to use her IPhone, and how to play children's games on the computer. You know to click fast (double click the computer mouse) and always make people green in the game.
You love trains. You sleep with your Thomas trains lined up on your headboard. When we went to the train museum you wanted to see everything. You kept telling us 'come on guys!!'
I feel so grateful and blessed to have a son as special as you.


Brother See, Sisters Do said...

Happy Birthday!!

racrobin said...

I didn't show him anything, he figured out how to use that phone better than I did. :)

racrobin said...

Ok, your computer's up and running now... where's your "2" post? :)

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