Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Chalk cloth Mini quilts

I made a few mini quilts, using chalk cloth as the center. This one hangs in my wee ones room, between their two beds.
See the shiny spot, on the left corner? Lesson #1 learned, you can't press fabric to close to chalk cloth without meting it a wee bit.
I made this one to hang in my sewing room (Hence the fabric diet motivation written on it! ). It turned out a little bit bumpy - Lesson #2 learned, chalk cloth doesn't adhere very well with quilt basting spray.
I made this mini quilt to send to my Aunt Chickenfoot, as birthday gift.
I was hoping the fun Japanese fabrics would make her happy.
A little quilting detail. This was the first time I practiced little swirly quilting and I love how it came out!

1 comment:

Liberty said...

I <3 them, alot! No, I mean I really, really <3 them... great job! (and thanks for the tips as I haven't sewn anything with my chalk fabric yet)

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