Thursday, January 20, 2011

DQS10:: Inspiration Mosaic

Sorry for my tardiness Partner, it was hard to limit my favorites!
Please know that I truly will appreciate your doll quilt you are making me, and for taking this time out to get to know me!
A few things I am swooning over as of late:
natural palettes, especially woodgrain, birch trees and lovely fabric combined with linen.
Chocolate brown, teal/turquoise (I love how vibrant it can be!), butterscotch/mustard and orange, sage green and ash grey.
Woodland themes, polka dots, Moda's new Sugar Pop! line, playful quilting designs, Fairy tale prints, and simple modern quilt blocks.. A little about what I love about each thing :
1. I love how playful these tiny dresses are, the clothesline and the swiggly quilting
2. Love birch trees. Seriously. I think this comes from growing up in northern WI.
3. The colors, the simple coins, and the gorgeous wavy quilting that covers the whole quilt and gives it movement.
4. little crosses + a perfect color palette.
5. So crisp, and a great block to showcase fun fabrics. Again with my fav colors too..
6. Woodgrain. Teal. So pretty.
7. The little girl with her balloons is beyond cute, and its so whimsical.
8. Love the cross hatching, the neutral colors combined with the solid.
9. Polka dots, woodgrain and orange. Great colors.
10. These little trees with the hanging bunting is so great! love the little text print used too..
11. I wish this was my room. Seriously. I love how simple the bed quilt is, but how great the quilting makes it. The woodland pillows plus the crisp white make my heart pitter patter!
12. Buntings, oh how I love you! I like how simple quilt like this on a crisp solid background can really pop!
13. This cross quilt has such lovely hand stitched details!
14. Oh my, those tiny trees with the tiny deer? So cute!
15. Love these pillows-the hexies, and the orange and teal combined with the pale grey.
16. The open stippling on this quilt is gorgeous!
I hope that helps put you in the right direction partner!

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