Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Toddler Backpack

I finished up this little backpack this weekend, just in time for our car trip. (And it got great use when my sister took the kiddos to a Wildlife Experience!)
The pattern is from Made by Rae, and it such a great pattern! Very easy to follow, simple directions and never once did I get lost and wonder ' What am I supposed to be doing?!'

I have a new found love for piping, and I think it gives the backpack a nice professional finish.

Kiki loves his new backpack, and has proven it's strength with shoving it full of every toy and stuffed animal possible. I definitely see myself making 100 more of these backpacks this summer!


susan said...

how cute is that! so adorable and i like that it has the "typical" backpack shape
a zippered pocket on the front would be fabulous too

Jenifer said...

So cute! And just the right size.

Liz Noonan said...

i have been looking for a backpack pattern for a toddler, but am intimidated, lol! You did a great job, I may just go for it....or ask you to make one for me? ;-)

Krista said...

That looks amazing! I am planning to make the same one by the fall, when my son will start preschool. I'm intimidated though... good to know it is easier that it appears!

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