Thursday, September 1, 2011

First Day of School.

Today was the first day of K-4 for Kiki,
Sending him off to school today, I was thinking, when did he get so big?!
Looking back at these pictures, he looks like such a little boy, and was so very excited to be going to school.
He did so well with going into his classroom, hanging his backpack and sitting down. He didn't even cry when we were leaving the room, which made it even harder to go! He did pick nervously at his shorts when they began story time (I was watching from the window), but his teacher said he did really well, just was a bit hesitant to join in right away.
So I guess here is the start to a crazy busy school year!

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racrobin said...

Awww, I never saw these, he does look like such a little boy, with the backpack and sneakers! I love the new blog look by the way.

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