Monday, August 29, 2011

A Christmas quilt to-do list

Yes, it's only nearing September and I am thinking about Christmas! Mainly because I know I will be busy with shop orders, a new baby and I would like to give a few special people a quilt this holiday.
First on my to-do list,
A first sights quilt for this wee babe. I actually picked up this charm pack of an assortment of prints from Michael Miller's first sights line to make a baby quilt for my second son.. and well it never happened. I found the backing fabric panel at a lqs for only $5/yard and its just wrong not to finish up this quilt now!

My Brother-In-Law had his first baby boy this summer, so sending a baby quilt to him is way overdue,
I would love to use a block to showoff the fun prints, I was thinking maybe like this quilt from Cluck Cluck Sew.. Anyone have any good suggestions - Maybe I need to mix in a few more fabrics..?

A little neighborhood quilt for my oldest son's best friend - (blogged about here)

A modern log cabin throw quilt for someone special (I don't want to reveal any details in case they read my blog)
I have 7 blocks made up, and loads of fabric cut. Just need to sit back down for a day or two and chain piece like crazy. This quilt pattern is from Modern Log Cabin Quilting, it is the quilt on the front cover. Once I flipped through that book I knew I just needed to make that quilt, and started these blocks the following morning!

And certainly not the least important on my quilt to-do list, (but the most seemingly over whelming) is to make a plain spoken quilt in similar colors to this 'Paletas' Quilt for my children's godparents -

Um yeah, that's 5 quilts to be finished up an off to the long arm quilter's to be back in time to give for Christmas. Maybe I just need to stop jumping around from each quilt project and just get 1 top finished at a time!


susan said...

wow! that is a lot. hope you dont plan on sleeping much. i have some wee sewing elves i can send your way....
i have wanted to make a plain spoken quilt ever since they were all the rage, what, 4 yrs ago!!? maybe i will jump on with you to make one?

racrobin said...

I love that grey animals fabric.... great choice for a quilt.

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