Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Third Day

Today was the third day of school for Kiki, and dropping him off didn't go so well. He is still afraid of me leaving him there, despite me saying it's only for a little bit and talking up all the fun activities he does at school. Walking out of school my little one crying behind in the classroom is so difficult! When I picked Kiki up today though, his teacher said he did really well and I spied him in the classroom talking and smiling!

Kiki was acting very silly, and told me he was only 'shy a little bit'! I brought him a Rocky Road Cake Pop (from Starbucks) for doing so well today at school... No, I am not beneath bribery! Hopefully his special treat will be a nice reminder to be brave when I leave him at school.

Also, we picked up The Kissing Hand to help with the seperation anxiety, anyone else have any good books about back to school?

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PixieRoseDresses said...

i had the same probs today with Emz!She has just started pre-school and she cried a lot going today! was awful leaving her!

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